Sunday, 29 September 2013

The cozy mind

       27° C                  Precipitation : 60%
                                  Humidity : 82%
                                  Wind : 10 km/hr
                                  Guwahati, India

The relief that the temperature drop and the heavy precipitation has brought forth in the campus is just too hard to put into words.

As the mid-terms draws to a close, amidst volumes of "It's over. It's done" Lord of The Rings' memes floating about the air of the college, one feels really overwhelmed with the sudden shuddering stop in anxiety, only to be immersed immediately into cartloads of assignments and competitions!

"Phew.... Stop!!!"
Time to stop going ballistic all through and taking up the reins of surprises thrown towards oneself.

A sketch of a pair of shoes I drew in 2007 (shown above), made me recollect how painstakingly I would sit for hours together seeing the pair of shoes and dish out the still-life object onto the canvas.

While running long-distance in the drizzling atmosphere, the cool whiff of damp Earth strikes me comfortably numb. While the heated up soles(by running) sear your toes real bad, the soothing meaningful music pieces of The Turtles, Pink Floyd, Guns N' Roses and Steven Wilson floor me with the suddenness of how, more often than not, one develops a tunnel vision based on hearsay only to pursue them as the goal of life. In a nut-shell, the crowd behavior..
Oh me! Did we just get tensed and worked up all for this??

Whoa, what are these thoughts swarming into my mind? The suddenness of philosophy..
Maybe the amazing music pieces by Beethoven I am getting addicted to, are to blame. :)

I guess, life is not all about partaking in the competitions surrounding the being, but is a lot more about the passion one undertakes irrespective of the general outlook people shower with. The beauty around the nature and the world. And yes indisputably, learning!!!

Oh, my! This has been the best week of the semester, with such calm composure!!! With such a carefree mind, this cozy mind seeks more adventure and more wonderful thoughts, not to mention great discussions and more XYZs...

The writer now needs to change the battery packs of his table-clock. :)
Au revoir!!! See you next time soon!

#A_light-hearted_attempt at diary-writing