Sunday, 17 February 2013


How many times did I strive to come up with a blog, only to aspire to make it a perfect one. Aspire I did!!!

Perfection is not what comes out in itself, what does come up is spontaneity.
I don't seem to have much time to pour out my feelings with all the lovely people out there in the world (IITG here) preparing for the midsems and the heartless, ruthless weather continues to bring dear sleep to our tired eyes tempting us with the dear cool weather. But, there is this shower of the blessings of Goddess Saraswati. The awesome weather just reminds one of the greater world left unexplored with the base feelings of competition and hatred in some sense to be blamed.

For one instance, I have decided to forgo the harsh hatred of grammatically incorrect and other nincompoop issues and attempt to publish this blog without much ado. I beg forgiveness for the errors that might have crept in.

On a similar note...
Some days back while I lay relaxing, struck numb and mesmerized by the beauty of IITG's play-ground and  was pondering over the motive of life of man in this vast world, the chuckles of some freshmen who were attempting to learn the nuances of playing volley-ball hit my ears. I noticed the free will within them. Not one stroke seemed to get right, but yes they were happy, and jolly - their spirit. Does everything seem to be balanced out in this materialistic world? Perhaps not. But what harm does come off attempting to be that one set of constructive nut-bolt in this world of creaky, cranky machinery.

One must just set up a different pair of glasses just to weigh down the options one has and attempt to derive the best pleasure and spread the message out to the world. The words seem to be coming not from me, but the sunken eyes and the soothing breeze of the mother nature. On a lighter note, yes the general aim of mine to fill up some more space. :)

The beautiful music by John Lenon's - Imagine and Adele's Concert just flood the brain and the heart with beautiful and great thoughts. These have drugged my conscience and with them in background, I feel a child reborn out of the hard cocoon of stoic and heartless expressions and have enjoyed every piece of today's experience.

The first time I thought of writing something for the web-portal, I desired to write something about Ubuntu and other customizations, but the thought kept on slipping. Incidentally the title consisted of the words 'Musings' and here I am with some musings of mine.

And, Oh yes!!! I have an examination morrow. Adieus amigos!! Meet sometime later. Maybe with some better thoughts and not just some musings.

Hope you have an awesome Mid-Semester examinations!!!